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Welcome to LebanonFengShui.com

Hi,... my name is Lara Klait, and I’m a certified Feng Shui Consultant based in Lebanon.

Many people ask me this question: “Lara,… why Feng Shui?"
Well,… the ancient Chinese believe that three forces influence our lives: Heaven Luck, Man Luck and Earth luck. Heaven luck is set at birth, and it determines the potential of our lives. Man Luck is our virtue and actions, while Earth Luck is the influence of the environment where we live and work.

Feng Shui increases our Earth Luck. When we harmonize our home and office with our surroundings and ourselves, we can expect better luck with health, money and relationships.


This is very powerful, because the opposite is true. The lack of harmony may cause health problems, misfortune and obstacles on many levels. Also, Feng Shui is practical, because changing our space is a lot easier than changing the other aspects of influence.


Feng Shui can help if you want to have more energy, more love and harmony in your life.


If you aspire to more wealth, or end a stroke of bad luck that you’re facing. It can help if you’re waking up tired everyday, or if you want to have more control over your life, make it better, and discover your potential.

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Feng Shui in Lebanon

I'm periodically delivering my full-day "Feng Shui for Personal Use" workshop in Beirut, Lebanon.

The workshops are being very well received, as attendees learn practical formulas and proper use of the compass.

The class environment encourages questions, and participants leave the session, eager to implement what they've learned.

More workshops will be held soon. So stay tuned for further information to be posted here on my site.