You control the vibe

You control the vibe

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Since my young years, I’ve been passionate about understanding energy flow of space and objects and how it affects us. After finishing my bachelor of Science in Marketing from LAU, I headed to Malaysia to follow my passion in studying feng shui and became a Master Consultant certified by Lilian Too Academy. In addition to feng shui and as part of my self-development, I studied NLP in Cape Town and attuned to Reiki healing energies.

My Journey started by arranging my daughters bedroom and moving her bed away from a shared wall with a bathroom and that night she really slept like a baby for the first time. Feng shui became my passion, I wanted everyone to experience the power of taping into the right energies. I started consulting family and friends, enhancing and focusing on the areas they need to enhance. It was Magic!  At a later stage, the passion evolved to conducting University seminars at (LAU) workshops and training sessions to people who are interested in feng shui. Naturally, the interest in feng shui grew around me and I’ve attracted people interested in the subject leading to international and regional consultation projects in UAE, Qatar, Oman, and Saudi Arabia, from LANDS, Apartments, Houses, Offices, Restaurants, Medical Clinics . From blueprint projects to ready to move in homes. My passion and my mission were solidified when my DVD documentary “introduction to feng shui” ranked number 1 in Virgin Megastore Lebanon proving that people in our region are craving knowledge, awareness, and tools that can improve their lives. I was able to boost feng shui understanding through my weekly segment in local and regional TV channels.

My vision is to add value and improve the life of my family and friends or at least provide a support knowledge to attain it.